A rising amateur fighter, Anton’s haunted past fuels his ferocious victories. After a brutal attack prompts buried memories, Anton must choose between the familiarity of violence and the uncertainty of a more peaceful path.
"Idle Hands" is currently in post production. 
This short film explores the formative impact of childhood trauma in the success of a talented, amateur fighter.  After a brutal attack sparks repressed memories and insights, Anton finds himself at a crossroads as both a man and a fighter.
This emotionally driven story begins with a BANG as Anton knocks down opponent after opponent in backroom fights. Anton is deliberate and focused in the ring. Outside the ring, he is constantly on edge. His childhood best friend Niko aims to helps him find more competitive opponents and supports his goal of rising from the backroom to bigger and better-paying matches. But in a moment when his guard is down, Anton is ambushed and humiliated in a parking lot outside of a bar. During his recovery, he reconnects with his mother, who urges him to pursue another path. But when Niko tracks down the man who hurt him, Anton must make his decision.

Which path will he choose?
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